I drank (a lot..) + used the benzo klonopin daily for years to cope with anxiety until getting sober in 2009. In sobriety I was desperate to find natural ways of feeling comfortable in my skin + head. I learned how to stop in the moment anxiety and how to change my brain including the way I relate to my thinking and to my emotions to get lasting results. Then I created a workshop and taught others how to do the same. Now I've got the best of what worked compacted into short daily digital lessons for YOU in my new online course Digital Anxiety Pill. 

So as a certified Life Coach & someone who's overcome agoraphobia, PTSD, generalized anxiety, panic disorder and phobias (freeway driving, public speaking & dogs) - and more importantly - someone who's guided others in doing the same since 2013, I invite you to join me in my 5 week course Digital Anxiety Pill.

You can start your journey to peace of mind with the 3 videos below.

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Ready to kick anxiety to the curb for good?  Join Digital Anxiety Pill and get instant access to 5 weeks of short daily videos and audios (that you can go through at your own pace).

This course is designed to rewire your brain for decreased anxiety, stress reduction, improved concentration and increased mental resilience  -  so you'll  be able to let go of anxiety & anger quicker.

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In early sobriety I had my first panic attack and was very afraid that I would never be able to ride public transportation again. I had very little hope for a solution. Kirsten's course gave me simple instructions and the next day, as soon as the train door closed, the panic feelings started coming up. I used Kirsten's instructions and got through it. After using the tools for few months, my discomfort went away. Now I can get on the train with no problem!


I am finding your course to be very, very helpful. I have CFS and your techniques are better and easier to follow than a very well-known course designed specifically for CFS. It is also hugely enjoyable. Thank you.


Last week I got in a plane and fought back my fear of claustrophobia while watching your Digital Anxiety Pill videos... it was your video about facing fears and how the body reacts. I breathed like you said and felt calmer. You helped me so much Kirsten. I have been clean for 16 months and am learning that I am still dealing with my fears and anxiety a that I have had since being a teenager except now I am not self medicating. You have helped me so much, your story and inspiration. Thanks form the bottom of my heart. I am blessed to have found you and I am your student. Peace 


Last summer I was having a hard time in my life personally and professionally. My anxious thoughts raced through my head all day and night. I couldn't relax or focus.

Then I took Kirsten's course. It was a life changing experience. I learned how be Present and Conscious, to live in the Moment. I didn't think it was possible. What a difference! It has been such an improvement to my quality of life.

I will always be grateful for the gift I got from her teachings and practices. She knows what she is doing. I recommend her course to everyone.


It's wild to think that over the course of just a few lessons with Kirsten, I've been able to totally transform both my reaction to and experience of anxiety.  Over a year later I tap into the tools Kirsten taught me almost daily.

In the past several months I've had challenging work projects, difficult conversations, and stressful experiences that would have sent me into anxious spirals before.  Now I know what to do and can count on myself to be graceful and calm in situations where just a year ago I would have completely lost it : )  Kirsten's course made a world of difference for me as a person but also in my professional and personal relationships.  I simply could not recommend it more!


Kirsten is a magical teacher! I took her course last year and it was not only fun, but life changing! She's keeps it real and relatable so you instantly relax and feel comfortable. My favorite part of the course was learning how to slow down and get into the moment, using her tools. I highly recommend trying her techniques if you suffer from anxiety, stress, depression, physical pain, just about anything! I continue to get relief using the tools I learned in her class.